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Our Story

Focused. Integrated. Applicable.

Our program’s main goal is to provide career advancement opportunities for adults through practical and carefully crafted experiential training programs. Since our establishment, our reputation has grown as our graduates go on to become knowledgeable professionals in their field.

Through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities, CDL Training of Tampa LLC continuously cultivates future industry leaders. If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about what we have to offer.

Truck Wash

how to start
step 1

Obtain your CDL learners permit by passing the three written test at your local DMV. You must also have do a DOT physical prior to receiving your CDL learners permit. You can get the physical done at any clinic that does DOT physicals (DOT Medical Card)

Written Tests for Class A

  • General Knowledge (50 Questions)

  • Air Brakes(25 Questions)

  • Combination Vehicle (20 Questions)

               The passing score for the written tests is 80% ​

step 2

Enroll with us to get started on your training for your CDL skills. Contact us for enrollment. We train and test students from out of state as well.

step 3

Get in contact with us to proceed with the training. We will send you packets to start studying for your CDL skills. Start our training at any time any day! You must complete the online ELDT theory before coming to our site!

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